A new generation of healthcare needs a new generation ofdiagnostics

Telemedicine has taken the doctor out of the office. But the diagnostics are still in the lab. We’re fixing that.

Revolutionizing the world of diagnostic testing.

Providing the critical yes or no, stay or go, when you need it most. Simple, efficient, wherever-you-need-it testing that yields the most accurate results with unrivaled speed. So, what are we waiting for? The light is green.

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Metrix reader on a table next to car keys and a stack of mail

The Go-To Testing Platform

We combine the sensitivity and specificity of a lab-based PCR test, with the cost and scalability of an antigen test—all in a form that can be run by anyone from the clinic to the home, in minutes.

For COVID & Beyond

We are taking the lab to you. Any test. Any time. We’re the next gen telehealth platform.

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