Our Mission

Revolutionizing the world of diagnostic testing.

Aptitude Medical Systems is a startup deep-tech healthcare company. Our mission is democratizing diagnostics by empowering individuals to access their health and diagnostic information anytime, anywhere. Aptitude created a simple, accurate, and easy-to-use diagnostic platform that fits in the palm of the hand and allows anyone to run a complex lab-quality PCR test in their own hands in minutes.

Aptitude’s lead product, Metrix® COVID-19 Test, is the first FDA-authorized molecular diagnostic test to work with saliva or swab samples for at-home and over-the-counter use without physician supervision, and we have a product pipeline that includes tests for a wide range of health and wellness conditions.

Our Founding Team

Scott Ferguson, PhD


To bring Aptitude's transformative value to market, Scott is responsible for customer development and strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

JP (Jinpeng) Wang, PhD


As CSO, JP shapes the company’s technical vision and R&D strategy, while overseeing internal R&D programs, establishing R&D collaborations, and leading the team of scientists.

Jackson Gong, PhD


Trained in both life science research and management, Jackson brings to Aptitude both scientific and operational expertise. He has published 10+ peer-reviewed papers and co-invented several patents that serve as the foundation of Aptitude technology.