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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Metrix COVID-19 Tests below.

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Payments and Refunds

What is your return or refund policy?
Will my insurance pay for the test or reader?
Do you offer seasonal promotions?
Do you offer a discount on enterprise orders?

Shipping, Storage, and Expiration

How stable are Metrix tests against shipping in extreme temperatures?
How do I store my Metrix tests?
What is the expiration date of my Metrix test kit?
What is the expected life of my reusable Metrix reader?

Sample Collection Tips

What kind of sample type should I use?
What do I need to know for nasal swab sample collection (recommended method)?
What do I need to know for saliva sample collection?
How much saliva is needed?
What if there is not enough saliva?
What if there is too much saliva?
Can I use both saliva and nasal swab at the same time?
Do you have video instructions for sample collection?

Results & Troubleshooting

Do you replace tests if I receive an Invalid Result or other test error?
What does an Invalid Result mean?
What does a Test Error mean?
What does a Canceled Test mean?
I had an error message but I think I fixed it. Can I run the same test again?

Performance of Metrix Tests

How accurate are the results of Metrix tests?
Should I use a nasal swab or saliva for better performance?
Will Metrix tests detect the latest variant?

Regulatory Authorizations

Where is Metrix authorized for use?
Will Metrix be available in Canada?
Is Metrix authorized for pooling?
Do you have other authorized tests beyond the COVID-19 test?

Order Inquiries & Product Support

How long does it take to receive my order?
Who should I contact if I have questions about ordering the product?
How do I contact Customer Support with questions about using the product?